About Us

At Up Close Tours, we love and know our city and are passionate about showing our guests the many attractions in Cape Town, from our diverse culture to our natural wonders and world heritage sites

We will show you many hidden secrets and ensure that whatever tour you select, you are given best value. Our guides are well trained and hand-picked to give you a rewarding experience. They are qualified to lead both cultural and nature tours. If required, tours are conducted in French, Italian, Dutch or German

We have photographed most heritage sites and national monuments in the Cape region and published an e-book called CAPE TOWN in pictures. Going through this process over several years has resulted in us knowing the Cape, its history and people and we would love to share this knowledge with you

We are members of Cape Town Tourism, an organisation that markets and manages responsible tourism in the Cape region. See their website  http://www.capetown.travel should you require a referral

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Up Close Tours is a member of the UCT Group of Companies. Other group companies include:

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