Location Services

We are now offering Location Services to the Film & Photography Industry

Calling all film makers and photographers!

We know Cape Town city and surroundings areas like the back of our hands (after all, we are tourist guides)! If you are looking for a location, this is what we offer:

  • We source out specific locations as per your requirements
  • We arrange the necessary film permits* or owner approval
  • We offer you a GoToGuy to accompany you on the trip
  • We transport you to & from the various locations
  • Meals are included in the road trip

Cape Town is the ideal location for filming; the city has diverse cultures, varied scenery (from semi-desert to sub-tropical), residential areas ranging from extreme poverty to over-the-top wealth, a vibrant night life, beautiful beaches, unique architecture and plenty of history

Contact us either via email gotoguy@upclosetours.co.za or Skype up_close_tours to arrange your next project


The GoToGuy

* Permits can often take several months to arrange